Quickest Ways To Learn How To Rank Your Website

When thinking about ranking a website, we need to think Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). While digital marketing is getting bigger and the internet market is getting full of services and products, ranking became essential while your website is out there. We need to get our platform on the top as we need customers, so we basically need to point them towards our website in order for us to be successful. We can find some key features in this battle.


When typing a simple word on a search engine we can find millions results. So how can we be on top? Keywords are essential regarding this matter. If you type the phrase ‘cars for sale’, your search engine will display more than 200 million results. If you would like to promote a website that is selling cars in your area, how can you point someone towards your website?

First of all an important aspect of the search engine is the location. So apparently the search engine will show websites that are selling cars in your location. Try to include your town and country on your website. It’s vital.

According to this example now think local. It’s hard to get a customer from London to buy a car from Manchester. We need to set a pattern of keywords in order for us to get customers from Manchester. So if we write the description on the website, we’ll try to write down as many details as we can about the location.

Now we’ve decided which customers we would like to get on the website. Another aspect involves the main activity. We do sell cars, but what type of cars, Are they new, do we offer finance, and so on. Include everything that might get you the targeted individuals.

Image Optimisation

People need to see. Even if we write down a larger text, is better for us to include pictures of every example, product or service. If you’re running a website with the main purpose to inform, is better to attach a clear picture regarding that information. Include high quality pictures to point out exactly what you’re trying to say. If your business has a fixed location, include pictures of it. Let the customers see how they can find you easily, include a map and so on.

Mobile Friendly

As we advanced in mobile technology, your website needs to be mobile friendly. It’s known that now people are accessing different websites straight from the mobile phone so your website must have this feature. Include ‘click to call’ feature, directions, everything that is easy to access from a mobile phone.

 Social Media

Social media plays an important role in any type of promotion. Share everything,provide information about services, events, everything that can be of interest to your clients. Offer direct links to get customers to your webpage. Also attach the social media link to your website so it can be easily shared and spread out there.

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